Friday, 31 October 2008

Cleaning action


Last weekend the Ecology Group organized a cleaning action. The idea was very simple - take as many people as you can, plastic bags and gloves. Place them on the stairs on the way to Sušac and leave there for one hour.


The action was beneficial, we found: an unopened bottle of wine, a bicycle seat, someone's ID card, several shoes (each from different pair) and many others.

A group of kids, who were passing by, liked the idea of cleaning the stairs and helped us. They were really interested in the actions which the Ecology Group organizes and they promised to join us also in the future.

Monday, 13 October 2008

11th Oct 2008 - Paper Collection

A group of strange people with blue bags asking for any kind of paper attacked Mostar again! Don't leave your newspapers without supervision!

The Ecology Group organized a paper collection once again. With a new leader and fresh (firstyear) blood 3 groups of enthusiastic paper-collectors set off from the Sušac House, Musala House and school.
They were knocking from door to door and asking for used paper, old newspapers etc. As usually the reactions of people differed between each other, but in general were positive.
The amounts of paper which were gathered up are a proof. The 'donors' got also fliers with dates of next actions organized by the Ecology group, so they can start collecting paper earlier.

The action was successful and hopefully next ones will be even more beneficial for the environment. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Paper Collection Day

We got up early in the morning to come to school and meet everyone for the paper collection campaign. On the way to school we could see many bottles thrown all around the streets in Mostar. As we were prepared, we decided to collect plastic bottles on our way and then to send them for recycling. Once we arrived school we started cleaning the fountain from plastic bottles.
We then split up in groups and went in every house, knocked at the door and asked for old paper to recycle. I still remember the lines I memorized that day. "Stari papira za recikliranje" -with this phrase we asked Mostar's citizens weather they had old paper or not. Yes, the language was a little bit of a problem as we didn't have a local language speaker but we could understand their reply. Everyone was willing to give their papers to recycle.
By the end of our mission we turned to school with a large amount of papers. We knew that the paper collection company would be delighted to help us. We then went home satisfied and glad of our work. As it was a good day we decided that next term we will do another paper collection campaign. I'm really looking forward to collection paper again.

Arlinda Rezhdo

UWCiM students
Paper collection day

Flea Market

Flea Market
18.11 the flea market group of the ecology service held its first flea market in the OKC Abrašević. In spite of small amount of visitors, I think many people gained something from today’s market: people who sold their stuff gained not only environmental satisfaction but also money. People who sold/donated their stuff have now good conscious and more space in their closet, not to mention those who bought something very unique, extremely cheap stuff.

Next flea market will be on Sunday 9.12 in the UWCiM’s Spanish Room from 3 to 6 p.m. Welcome! Next term we will probably have one flea market per month = don’t throw away your unnecessary stuff; one never knows who might need it. Apart from Abrašević we are hoping to have flea market also in the Spanish square and possibly other places as well to catch the whole city to recycle and think environmentally.

Money from this flea market donations is addressed to the Roma Service for shoes and clothes for winter for the Roma children; amount achieved is 43,2 KM! (In addition we received one winter jacket and one pair of shoes for Roma children.) We are very grateful to those who contributed to the flea market today and next time we wish to have even more participants!
E.A. Jewellery were desired souvenirs

Monday, 5 November 2007

Paper Collection

On Sunday 4th of November the Ecology Group of the UWCiM devided into four groups, in cooperation with other students of the school, and made a paper collection action. This means that we went from door to door collecting paper from households in four areas of Mostar, covering nearly 60 blocks of flats.

The result of the day was remarkable amount of recycklable paper, which is recyckled by a paper company unijapapir. I believe the participants of this action had fun and realized the importance of classifying the waste we produce.

-Ella Alin

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Welcome to the UWCiM Ecology Group's Blog!

We are a group of students in the United World College in Mostar, who are interested in environmental issues. In this blog we hope to talk about our projects in Mostar and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, write about environmental issues and raise environmental awareness.

The group started its term on Saturday 29th of Septmeber with many ideas about environmental development of Mostar - recyckling programme, environmental awareness programme and second hand shop project are some of the projects we are about to start now. If You have any ideas about ecologial issues in Mostar, or you would like to help us in reaching our goals, please contact us to our e-mail address:

We hope to update this blog as often as possible! -Ella Alin